The problem of frame loss in the CAN bus analyzer can be solved through the following steps:

1. Check the physical connection:

(1) Make sure the CAN bus cable is well connected and not disconnected or damaged.
(2) Check whether the connection of each node (such as ECU) is normal and ensure that there is no node failure or program error.

2. Analyze the bus load:

(1) Use a CAN bus analyzer to check the data traffic on the bus to confirm whether frames are lost due to excessive load.
(2) If the load is too heavy, consider optimizing the data transmission strategy, such as reducing the message sending frequency or increasing the bus bandwidth.

3. Check electromagnetic interference:

(1) Analyze the electromagnetic environment of the vehicle and find possible sources of interference, such as high-voltage components.
(2) Take corresponding shielding measures, such as using shielded cables or adding filters, to reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference on the CAN bus.

4. Check power supply stability:

(1) Ensure that the system power supply is stable to avoid data loss caused by sudden power outage.
(2) Consider using equipment such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to improve the reliability of power supply.

5. Software debugging and upgrade:

(1) Check whether there are errors or conflicts in the program that receives data and writes it to the storage device, and make necessary debugging and modifications.
(2) Ensure that the communication protocols between control units match to avoid signal loss caused by protocol mismatch.
(3) If there are available software updates or patches, promptly upgrade the CAN bus analyzer and related software to fix possible software defects.

6. Check the terminal resistance:

(1) Ensure that the correct 120 ohm terminal resistors are connected at both ends of the CAN bus to reduce signal interference and communication errors.

7. Use professional tools for diagnosis:

(1) Use devices such as the CAN bus detection tool USBCAN-II PRO to capture error data in the network and perform detailed error frame analysis.
(2) Solve the problems of data retransmission and error frames by modifying the code and adjusting the sending strategy.

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