CAN to fiber optic repeater, also called fiber optic CAN bridge, is a tool for transmitting data by means of optical signals instead of CANBUS electrical signals.

The setting method of the fiber optic CAN bridge is relatively simple, only involving the setting of the baud rate.

Next, let’s talk about two methods of setting the baud rate of GCAN’s fiber optic CAN bridge.

The first method is to open the device casing, find the baud rate adjustment dial button, and adjust the switch direction of the dial according to the regulations in the instruction manual, so that the baud rate of the target CAN device is the same.

The second method is to open the device casing, dial all the GCAN fiber optic CAN bridge dials to the digital side, press and hold the reset button for a few seconds and then release it when the device is powered on.

After a period of baud rate self-identification, the CAN light of the device turns green and is always on.

We can power on the device again, and the baud rate identification is completed.

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