Gantry cranes are mainly used for loading and unloading operations of outdoor cargo yards, material yards, and bulk cargo. To manufacture large ships, giant gantry cranes are essential. In addition, the loading and unloading of containers in ports requires the participation of gantry cranes.

To make the gantry crane work efficiently, PLC is essential. It can realize the up and down of the gantry crane, fast, medium and slow three-speed speed regulation, so that the gantry crane has good starting and braking performance. When choosing the PLC required by the gantry crane, we must consider the stability and reliability of the equipment, and it is best to support motion control. In addition, there should be good scalability, in case there is a need for upgrades in the future? Moreover, even if it is not upgraded in the future, some redundancy must be set for safety considerations, which also requires PLCs to have rich IO interfaces.

GCAN’s PLC supports codesys programming, supports CANopen and modbus bus communication, and can expand up to 512 IO ports.

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