In order to extend the shelf life of food, vacuum packaging design is becoming more and more common. The most common ones are puffed foods like potato chips. So, do we vacuum pack food with our own hands? Of course not, it must be an automated production line.

For an automated production line, controllers, buses, and actuators are all essential. Who is actually in contact with the product? Of course, it is the actuator, that is, various motors and the manipulators driven by them. Food packaging has relatively high requirements for the reliability of the actuator. Otherwise, if one step goes wrong, it may cause a long process to go wrong. Therefore, we should choose equipment with precise control and self-diagnosis. From this point of view, the servo is the best choice.

The servo motor developed by our company is an integrated structure, using a permanent magnet synchronous AC motor as the main body, using CANopen bus communication, and supporting four motion modes. If you need equipment manuals, you can click here to contact us.

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