Automobile based on CAN bus network

In the current society, CAN bus has been applied to more and more fields around us. We can all see it,whether in the CAN bus control network on the vehicle, the monitoring and alarm system in the city, or the lighting facilities of the industrial and mining base. With the rapid development of CAN bus, all kinds of related products has been developed, such as the analyzer, which can analyze CAN bus data, or all kinds of CAN converters which can connect and transform CAN bus data, etc. The advanced nature of the devices is constantly improving, and WIFI to CAN series equipment is undoubtedly the best among them.

In the field, the human communication can be done by phone or Ethernet, but the communication between devices must use professional industrial network to be done. However, the traditional Ethernet communication method is relatively delicate compared to the field environment. The communication may be interrupted if there is a storm or other nature factor.

GCAN-211 WIFI to CAN converter
The other convert ways, such as Bluetooth to CAN or fiber to CAN, all have the disadvantage of available distance too close. While WIFI to CAN device can realize the long-distance communication by building a AP station between the both side, it is very advanced and efficient. However, it is precisely because this kind of device is too novel, that there is some trouble and problems for new buyers.
Today, I will list a few more representative problems using GCAN-211 for example and hope it will help.
1. Why it promotes connection failure/ error when I you use a software to connect WIFI to CAN device?
Please check IP address and GCAN-211 whether in the same network segment or whether the computer IP is set to static IP and in the same network segment as GCAN-211.

2. Does CAN bus has to use 120Ω terminal resistor ?
120Ω terminal resistor is used to absorb end-point reflection and provide a stable physical circuit. When a single node self-transmission self-collection test is carried out, it must be connected to the 120Ω terminal resistor to form the circuit, otherwise the test can’t be carried out. GCAN-211 high performance CAN interface card has already been connected with a 120Ω terminal resistor inside.
3. Can one computer install multiple GCAN-211 modules?
The computer can extend and connect multiple GCAN-211 modules by connecting the Ethernet switch(HUB).
4. What is the highest data conversion rate of WIFI to CAN device GCAN-211 interface card?
The single CAN channel of the GCAN-211 interface card supports the CAN bus data conversion of 8000fps. The frame here refers to the 8-byte data frame in the standard frame format, which may be faster if it is less than 8-byte data frame or less than 8-byte remote frame. In addition, maximum data traffic is limited by computer performance.
5. Why is the CAN system indicator not on?
Only when the CAN interface has data transmission, the CAN system indicator make sense.
6. How to set the communication baud rate of GCAN-211 module?
The software supply a group of common baud rate settings. If you want to use other special baud rate, please contact the GuangCheng Technology support staff.
7. How many lower computer devices can GCAN-211 connect to most?
The maximum node number of CAN bus conforms to the standard of CAN bus, and the actual number of connections is related to the actual working environment and baud rate.
8. Whether it will affect reception when system enter a standby or sleep state?
It will. At this point, all processing will stop, most likely causing hardware receive buffer overflow error. A program to turn on the device will attempt to prevent the system from entering the standby or sleep state, so it will make sure the system works normally. Please forbid the standby and sleep functions of the system when using GCAN-211.

Typical application of WIFI to CAN