The electroplating process is the process of plating a thin layer of other metals or alloys on the surface of some metals by using the principle of electrolysis, which can add some new characteristics to the original materials to meet different use needs. In modern industrial society, metal plating can be seen everywhere. However, in the process of electroplating, we need to clean the electroplated parts, which will generate some waste water. If these heavy metal wastewater enters the human body, it will seriously affect the human brain and cause symptoms such as senile dementia. Therefore, before the electroplating wastewater is discharged, it must be treated well to reduce the harmful substances contained in it to below the dischargeable standard. It is precisely because of this demand that the electroplating wastewater treatment system came into being, which is generally built next to the electroplating factory.

A complete electroplating wastewater treatment system generally includes PLC control cabinet, configuration software, field instrument, field control box and so on. PLC is the brain of the whole system, its selection is very important. Our PLC supports codesys and OpenPCS software programming, supports IO expansion, supports CANopen and modbus communication, and can meet the needs of the electroplating wastewater treatment system.

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