ECAN Tools is a software that allows the user to receive and transmit CAN data. It provides flexible use of functions that help to do more with less.

Please notice that ECAN Tools can only run on Windows, if you use a Linux system, you need to use the following software:

There are several software options available for receiving and transmitting CAN data on Linux.

One such option is can-utils which contains some userspace utilities for Linux SocketCAN subsystem. It is integrated in the SDK for the STM32 microprocessor Series.

Another option is to use SocketCAN interface which is a set of open source CAN drivers and a networking stack contributed by Volkswagen Research to the Linux kernel.

If ECAN Tools has been installed, the user can directly run it on the desktop, and the process is as follows.

  1. Select the device type: Click “Open Device”, and an adapter will be displayed below.
  2. Select working mode: The software provides three working modes, which are normal, monitor and self-test.
  3. Select the baud rate according to your project requirements, a mismatch may cause communication failure.

ECAN Tools can be downloaded by clicking here. Wish you a smooth use.

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