GCAN CAN-bus analyzer is a very powerful CAN-bus analyzer. GCAN analyzer has been widely recognized by many users because of its core advantages such as high quality, high cost performance, high stability and reliability. It is the most common CAN on the market. You can use GCAN CAN-bus analyzer to develop, test, manage and maintain the CAN network, record, send and receive, and analyze CAN-bus data.

This article will take you through the different interfaces of GCAN USBCAN.

First, let us look at the most common interfaces-DB9 interface.
GCAN USBCAN Mini, ECAN and USBCAN Modul 8 have DB9 interface, DB9 were once very common on PCs and servers, at the same time,many mechanical devices use the DB9 interface. Our USBCAN have DB9 male interface, it’s very easy and convenient for connection.

So if your device need a USB-CAN adapter with DB9 interface, maybe these are your best choice.

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Next, It’s OPEN interface, in many actual situations, not DB9, you need a OPEN interface. It means more freedom and more directly.
We have USBCAN-I Pro and USBCAN-II pro, both of the Two is OPEN interface, USBCAN-I Pro is 1 channel, while USBCAN-II Pro is 2.

The last, OBD interface, mostly seen in cars or trucks. So if you want to work on vehicle, USBCAN-OBD is better.
If you are interested in this, or in other words, this is in line with your appetite, we will always welcome.