If you often use computers or industrial bus devices, you must be familiar with various data volume units.

What are the units of data volume that we often hear? There are KB, MB, GB, TB, etc.

The conversion relationship between them is 1TB=1024GB, 1GB=1024MB, 1MB=1024KB.

So, are there any smaller units under KB? Of course, there is B below KB, the full name is Byte, also called “word”, 1024B=1KB.

Below B is a bit, also called a byte, and the conversion between bytes and words is not necessarily the case, which will be discussed later.

Below the word is the smallest unit, which is called “bit”. There are 8 bits in each byte, and this is fixed.

How many bytes is 1 word equal to?

If it is a 32-bit system, 1 word in it is equal to 32 bits, and 8 bits is equal to 1 byte, then 1 word in the 32-bit system is equivalent to dividing 32 by 8 to equal 4 bytes.

Similarly, if it is a 64-bit system, 1 word is equal to 64 bits, and 8 bits are equal to 1 byte, then 1 word in a 64-bit system is equal to 8 bytes, do you understand?

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