What are the common types of motors?

  Motors are also called electric motors and motors, which are very common in our daily life. So, what are the common types of motors? To put it simply:

  From the top level, motors are divided into DC motors and AC motors, which are powered by DC and AC respectively.

  In detail, DC motors can be divided into DC brush motors and DC brushless motors. There are commutator and carbon brush structures in brush motors, and brushless motors use electronic steering devices instead of carbon brushes for rotor steering. AC motors can be divided into synchronous AC motors and asynchronous AC motors. Among them, the stator of the synchronous AC motor is a winding magnet, and the rotor is a permanent magnet. The stator of the asynchronous AC motor is also a winding magnet, but the rotor is squirrel-cage-shaped and does not belong to the permanent magnet itself. It moves by electronic induction. The rotation of the rotor is generally slower than the magnetic field of the stator, so it is named asynchronous AC motor.

  As for the servo motor that we often hear, it is to add an encoder structure on the basis of a DC or AC motor to feed back and correct the motor motion error, and it does not specifically refer to a certain motor.

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