We are a country rich in coal and low in oil. Coal has always been in an absolute leading position in the composition of energy utilization. Even after many years of energy conservation and emission reduction work, the utilization of coal is still an astronomical figure. Except for a small part that is used for heating in winter, most of the coal has become “food for industry”. However, not all coal can be used directly. Some coals contain too much sulfur.

If these elements are not desulfurized and discharged into the atmosphere, it will cause acid rain. Therefore, the boiler desulfurization system has been developed. It is controlled by PLC in a unified manner, which can quickly realize the desulfurization work. It not only avoids environmental pollution, but also the desulfurized substances can be used as industrial raw materials, killing two birds with one stone.

Our company’s Codesys PLC can be applied to the boiler desulfurization system. The equipment is integrated with CANBUS port, serial port and Ethernet interface, and can use CANopen and MODBUS bus for communication.

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