CAN/Ethernet gateway is a kind of equipment that can realize the conversion between CANBUS data and Ethernet data.

Before actual use, we need to make various settings on it, one of which is to change the IP address of the computer. So, what is the process of changing the IP?

First, we need to restore the IP address of the CAN/Ethernet gateway to the default settings, such as, and the subnet mask is

Look at the subnet mask and know that if you want to be in the same network segment as the CAN/Ethernet gateway, the IP of the computer should also be 192.168.1.X.

For example, if the mask is, then we can set the computer IP address to 192.168.X.X).

Then, we enter the network adapter of the computer, enter IPV4, and fill in the IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS in the manual IP.

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