CAN optical transceiver is a CAN gateway converter integrated with CANBUS interface and optical fiber interface, which can transmit CAN data remotely through optical signals and realize ultra-long-distance CAN relay.

Question 1: What should be configured before the CAN optical transceiver is used?
Answer: The CAN optical transceiver only needs to configure the baud rate, which can be adjusted by dialing codes or self-identified.

Question 2: Which type of connector is better for CAN optical transceivers?
Answer: Common CAN optical fiber connector styles include SC/FC/ST, etc. The SC connector has a fast connection speed, but is not firm, and the FC connector has a slow connection speed, but the connection is the most secure. The connection speed and firmness of the ST connector are between the first two.

Question 3: Does the CAN optical transceiver need to be connected to a 120-ohm resistor?
CAN optical transceivers also belong to the category of CAN devices. In theory, a 120-ohm resistor needs to be added for normal communication. If the device itself is integrated, there is no need for additional integration. If it is not integrated, it needs to be added at the CAN port.

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