CAN fiber optic module is also called CAN to fiber optic repeater, which generally realizes the purpose of remote CAN relay of several kilometers or even tens of kilometers. Currently, there are three main connection modes for this type of device:

1. Point-to-point connection
2. Hand in hand connection
3. Ring network connection

Next, let’s take a look at how to configure the hand-in-hand connection of the CAN fiber optic module.

As shown in the figure, the hand-in-hand connection requires at least two devices integrated with one fiber optic port and two CAN ports, and they are placed at the two endpoints of the entire system. Several devices with integrated two fiber ports and one CAN port can be deployed in the middle. One fiber port is connected to the device on the left, and one fiber port is connected to the device on the right. The connection method is simple and easy to understand.

The CAN fiber optic module produced by our company supports the above three connection methods, please click here to send an inquiry.

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