A variety of information storage devices

Storage is a very familiar word to us, such as disk storage for computer, built-in storage for mobile phone and memory card for car recorder. However, any product related to transmission of information generally has the function of storing, just like storing our favorite audio and video resources through mobile phone and enjoying them slowly. Just as monitoring devices use data storage to observe the outside world, so does the field of industrial field bus.
Today, I will simply introduce you some function features and application examples of CAN Data Recorder. Hoping it will help you more or less.

For our human, we can’t read the information transmitting between machinery devices directly. We need related CAN bus analyzer to adopt and collect the data, then connect the computer to read and translate through the professional software, and finally achieve the purpose of analysis and interpretation. This lay a good foundation for the subsequent upgrade and improvement of the equipment. But this is just the best situation, sometimes engineers don’t have CAN bus analyzers with them or there’s no computer and software. We just have to collect and download the related CAN bus data first and take it back to study.In this case, the value of the CAN data recorder will be fully reflected. This device integrates a single or double standard CAN bus interface and can realize the instant storage of relevant data only to be connected to CAN fieldbus, very convenient and efficient.
This kind of CAN recorder is usually uses TF memory card as storage carrier. In the application, the engineer connects it to the bus and flips the switch to make the real-time data stored in real time on TF memory card, so that realizes the off-line real-time storage without computer. After storage, the user can bring the TF memory card back and restore the data from card to real bus data through the special analysis software, which is convenient for user to analyze.

Shenyang Guangcheng Technology has focused on the development and production of CAN bus series products since 2010, and introduced GCAN-401 and GCAN-402 CAN recorder storage devices according to the current market demand. The GCAN-401 CAN data recorder is single channel CAN data memory and the GCAN-402 is double channel. They all suitable to play back data for CAN bus history data collection, analysis of message around failure and system difficult to troubleshoot with large amount data such as,automobile, railway traffic and industrial controller.
Here is some application field following:
1. Real-time data recording for communication of high-speed rail control cabinet;
2. Real-time data recording for communication of subway electrical cabinet;
3. Recording and play back of automobile bus control data;
4. Recording of intelligent surveillance CAN bus data;
5. Fault record and analysis of industrial production line.
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