Before talking that today’s protagonist intelligent CAN interface card USBCAN, we first simple what is CAN under the popular science, so that everyone can understand and interpret the following articles.

CAN interface card can be applied to artificial intelligence development.
The CAN we refer to here refers to CAN bus, also known as Controller Area Network. Literally, it is a local network system, which constitutes a large number of node control devices. Compared with the Internet that is common in our lives, the CAN bus is mainly used in the industrial field. Typical research and development of automotive electronics, control operation of trams, production control of industrial automation, development of artificial intelligence, etc. Etc. Compared with the traditional RS232 bus, the CAN bus has the following advantages:
1. The data transmission distance of CAN bus is up to 10 kilometers, which is beyond the reach of the traditional RS232 bus. In theory, the data transmission distance of RS232 bus does not exceed 3 kilometers, and the farther data transmission distance indicates the construction. The environment has better adaptability, and at this point the CAN bus has been well received by construction workers.

2. The number of node devices on the CAN bus is much higher than that of the RS232 bus. In theory, a CAN bus can connect 110 node devices at the same time, and these nodes are equal to each other, and each node can freely send and receive data. In contrast, only one node can be connected to the RS232 bus, and there is a hundredfold gap between the two sides.
3, CAN bus data transmission speed is faster, here introduces a new vocabulary, baud rate, which represents the speed of data transmission, the greater the baud rate value, the faster the data transmission. After understanding this concept, let’s look at the speed comparison between CAN bus and RS232 bus: the highest baud rate of CAN bus is 1Mbps, which can be said to be 1000Kbps, and the highest baud rate of RS232 bus is less than 100Kbps. The gap between the two sides is also more than ten times. Even more frightening is that as long as it is within 40 meters, the CAN bus can guarantee a peak baud rate of 1000Kbps. In some projects where the communication distance is not far and the real-time communication requirements are very high, the CAN bus is undoubtedly the best. select.
4. The CAN bus has the natural anti-interference ability. It can also be used normally under the general strong noise pollution environment. The maintenance is simple and convenient, and the use cost is also low. It is welcomed by the majority of CAN bus engineers.
It is precisely because the CAN interface card has so many advantages, so in the developed countries in the West, it has become a standard international industrial bus, with its own international standards (ISO11898), widely used in cars, especially high-end cars. Among the control systems, although the CAN bus research in China started late, the speed of development is very fast. As a positive industry, the CAN interface card has a very broad development prospect.
Wind power generation equipment using intelligent CAN interface card USB tool
In order to meet the needs of the vast number of CAN bus engineers and industrial workers, GCAN has launched the intelligent CAN interface card USBCAN series. This series includes the intelligent CAN interface card USBCAN-MINI, which is full of metal texture and glossy CAN interface card. USBCAN-I PRO, small and powerful intelligent CAN interface card USBCAN-II PRO, intelligent CAN interface card USBCAN-OBD specially prepared for automotive CAN bus maintenance personnel, intelligent CAN interface card USBCANmodul8 for multi-channel CAN channel operation at the same time /16, etc., they all support 32-bit/64-bit operating systems such as WindowsXP/Win7/Win10, and can also support Linux versions of all versions. Guangcheng Technology also provides users with a unified application programming interface and complete application demonstration code, including VC, VB, .Net, Delphi, Labview and C++Builder and other development routines to facilitate user application development. Using ECANTools universal test software, engineers can perform functions such as sending and receiving CAN-Bus messages. It is very suitable for the diagnosis and testing of CAN-Bus bus network, the development of automotive electronic products and the connection of high-speed, large-data communication.
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