Car using CAN bus system
CAN bus, as a system specialized for car, transmit stable, longer, less loss, higher baud rate and faster speed and can connect multiple node device at the same time. Using a few CAN bus can do the things original need dozens or even hundreds of control units to do. Because of the unique advantages of CAN bus, it is the first choice for many electronic control system.
No matter how good the CAN bus is, it still may have troubles during use. At this time, special tools are needed to detect the CAN bus system on the vehicle, collect and analyze the data in the bus, and help the engineer to complete the hidden trouble treatment, protocol break, upgrade development and so on. As a result, the professional USB to CAN tools were officially launched –  USBCAN serial from GCAN.

USBCAN-OBD USB to CAN analyzer

USBCAN from GCAN is a professional high-performance CAN-bus communication interface card, compatible with USB2.0 bus full speed specification ability. By using the tools of GCAN usb to CAN analyzer, the computer can be connected to the CAN-bus network quickly through the USB interface, which constitutes network control nodes of data treating and collecting in the field of CAN-bus network such as field bus laboratory, industrial control, intelligent community, automobile electronic network, etc.
USB to CAN analyzer from GCAN is a powerful tool for CAN-bus product development and data analysis. It is the best choice for portable system users because of its compact size, plug and play and so on. With its own USB interface and integrated CAN interface electrical isolation protection module, it can avoid the damage to the equipment caused by the instantaneous overcurrent / overvoltage, and enhance the reliability of the system in the bad environment.
USBCAN II pro CAN bus analyzer with 2 CAN channels
GCAN USB to CAN analyzer series tools support 32-bit / 64-bit Windows operating system such as WindowsXP,7,8,10, and can also support various versions of Linux operating system in the application environment. Our company provides the user with the unified application program programming interface and the complete application demonstration code, including VC,VB,.Net,Delphi,Labview and C Builder development routine demonstration, facilitates the user to carry on the application program development.