Printing machines are very common in our lives. There are all types of machines in workplaces, canteens, and advertising companies. Different printing machines can print different products, and the printing requirements of these products are also different. If it is some text content that we usually print, it is okay as long as the font is correct and can be seen clearly. What if it is some important publicity advertisement? Then it can’t be so improvised. The printing machine needs to be very precise, and the actuator servo inside the printing machine must also be very precise.

Why do high-end large printing machines use servo motors instead of other motors? Because the servo motor responds quickly, the torque changes smoothly, and the displacement is accurate. Due to the limited internal space of some high-end printing machines, the traditional distributed servo may not be able to meet the needs, which gives room for the integrated servo.

The integrated servo is a system that combines the driver and the motor, with compact structure and low power supply voltage. For printing machines, the integrated servo can meet almost all requirements, whether it is speed, torque or displacement accuracy, so now integrated stepping servo and integrated permanent magnet synchronous servo have been developed one after another.

Our company has also developed a variety of integrated servo motors, which support CANopen communication, and have various specifications such as 200W, 400W, and 750W. If you need equipment manuals, you can click here to contact us.

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